Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Snapshots: Winter in Johannesburg

Winter in Johannesburg, and the first power cut. An iced afternoon in the dwindling light. Laptops, television, wifi, telephones, stove, fridge, heaters, lamps, kettle: all mute. No writing possible. No dinner. No hot water for tea. We huddle beneath a blanket and wait, mourning the loss of our many conveniences. We strategise about cafes that may be open, warm places we could sit for a while, cinemas in which we could pass the hours. Of course, we have all this at our disposal: money, transport, options. Thousands, thousands upon thousands, right here in this city, a brisk walk from where we sit, do not. This, our city: kerosene stoves and smartphones; high fashion and candlesticks. This place of constant collision of worlds.

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