Monday, October 26, 2015

The Kiss, performed by Ingrid Craigie

"How it would happen is I’d be just getting into a bit of work – the dishes, or digging out the old spring bulbs – my hands right in it, you understand, up to my arms in muck or suds. And then the call would come. ‘Ann!’ I’d hear him shouting. ‘Ann!’ The timing was something perfect.  

And he’d go on calling – ‘Ann!’ Over and over, like a child would - like you would, love, when you were still in the house.  

If I were at the sink, I might take off the gloves slowly. I’d make a job of laying them on the draining board, careful, the fingers all together. Only then would I go up.  

This particular day, Ciara, I could see him as I came up the stairs, his ankles out on show. The rest of him didn’t give anything away but the ankles were a shock. Thin and unlovely. Old. He was down on his knees in the wardrobe, searching about.  

This particular day, it could be any day, you understand."

The Kiss, by Gustav Klimt

[Listen to the rest of this short radio story here. This piece was performed as part of the RTÉ Radio 1 Francis McManus Award by Irish actress Ingrid Craigie.]